We recently visited the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico and for the first time we stopped by Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla.  It was a Monday afternoon and even though it was the beginning of the week, there was plenty of people enjoying the calm sea and the nice view of this area.
We were having a good time, dipping in the water and enjoying some nice afternoon sunlight without the harmful UV Rays of the peak hours.

I noticed there were a big group of Pelicans also enjoying the beach and they seemed to be very comfortable around people. I have never been so close to a Pelican before so I started to pay attention to them and took some pictures.

Hey Lady I’m watching you! – The Pelican


Then all of the sudden, something amazing started to happen.
A mature man came strolling by with a bag of fish and he started calling the Pelicans by name! 😲  All of them gathered around this man, like puppies!! It was simply incredible.

Hi Harry! We are ready to eat! – The Pelicans

I started recording the whole feast! I even had a Pelican that seemed to be a little too territorial and he was trying to attack me for being so close to his food (you can see it in the video – I started freaking out 😂)
Later I was told by the man that this Pelican was just being playful (I was not convinced!  watch the video and tell me if he was playing)
I approached the man and asked him for an interview, because I really wanted to know more about his mysterious ways 😊 with the birds.

Come together my dear friends, it’s Chow time! – Harry

His name is Harry and he calls himself “The Pelican Whisperer”, very clever! He said he has been doing this for years and he comes to the beach every day to bring them fish.   He also said that these Pelicans have been rescued and trained by him.  He feeds other birds in the beach as well, I don’t know what kind of birds are they,  you can see them in the pictures.
I asked him, how is it possible to train a Pelican?
He explained that it takes him only 5 days to train them to do tricks – these Pelicans respond to commands such as Dance – Believe it or not, the pelicans were dancing around by his command!
He has named them and recognizes each one of them.  The Pelicans also respond to their names when being called.   It was just amazing!
I have never seen anything like this, I hope you get as amazed by this experience as I did!  Pelicans are even funny creatures and they can dance!  How awesome is that?
I hope you enjoy the pictures and videos I am sharing.  Please let me know what you think in the comments section and share if you enjoy this post.

The bird coming to grab his fish from Harry’s hands


He even holds the birds in his hands


Check out the following videos of Harry the Pelican Whisperer in Action and the interview I had with him (in Spanish)

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