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I love photography and with so many great phones nowadays taking amazing HD quality photos, I feel that the future of film photography might not be as bright as it once was.  That’s why, I feel it is important to provide our youth with the options and support to continue studying photography as an art that should not be allowed to fade away with technology. 

We had the opportunity to interview  Rocco Basile, owner of the company Rocco Basile Photography which takes professional photos of all kinds, from black and white headshots to antique style photography. After his photography career experiences he has set up a scholarship for aspiring young photographers. His goal is to mentor and aid the upcoming talent we have among today’s youth. Here is what he had to say.


Here are two of the most important questions I asked Rocco:


Me: Being such a young professional, what inspires you to create this scholarship?

Rocco: What inspired me to create this scholarship comes down to three basic things. First, the need for new, unique talented artists in this industry. We are always in search of the artists of our coming century. Ideally this scholarship will help some of those talented artists who wouldn’t be able to have these opportunities.

Secondly, I have a really kindred spirit with the youth of today. I myself am a young businessman and now I find myself working as a professional photographer, and owning my own business. Without the help of my father and mentors I never would have made it this far, so for that I am very grateful. That’s why I now want to give back to my community by helping kids who were going through hard times just as I did.

Lastly, I created the scholarship program as a way to bring back the arts. The art of photography is very popular, but right now in our country we are taking a lot of cuts to art programs and various arts funding. It is essential for our young artists to have an outlet and a way to pursue their passion. My hope is that this scholarship will allow them to achieve their goals as a career photographer.






Me:  With so many people using smartphones to take great pictures, how do you see the future of film photography?

Rocco: It is true, smartphone cameras are getting better in quality and are making a lot of handheld camera usage obsolete. I even use my smartphone to take photos when I am on the go, it is a convenient way to take pictures for sure.

My problem with that is it has affected the future of film photography forever. Many people do not shoot on film anymore. This isn’t just true for the photography world, but for the filmmaking world as well. I love the way that a film photograph looks, It has a quality that you cannot find in digital, but the conveniences of digital photography seem to be outweighing it at the moment.

Sadly, I know that the future of film photography is bleak. Film is being used less and less. I am not sure when people will stop using film altogether… I certainly won’t see it within my lifetime. There will always be those that stick to using film to take their photos, because for many it is considered the superior method. I shoot digitally, but I will also continue taking film photographs for as long as possible.


This was a great interview and I want to thank Rocco for taking the time to answer my questions with so much honesty.  If you are interested in learning more about this scholarship, visit here Rocco Basile Photography



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