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Having or starting a business is not an easy job!  Whoever thinks that,  is kidding themselves.   It takes a lot of work, commitment, discipline and a lot of Know-How’s to become successful in any kind of business endeavours that you start.

It is necessary to find the support and the right people to teach us how to go in the right direction, because when we are not clear on where we are heading to, we will be going to the wrong places most of the time. In all honesty, Who has time for that?

I love it when I find a good source of information and inspiration to keep me motivated and looking forward to achieving my goals.   Grace Lever is one of these people,  she has been teaching women how to make their business grow and succeed for many years and has herself accomplished great success.




Grace Lever is on a mission to equip and empower female entrepreneurs to build the lifestyle business and life they deserve!

She is a known as a marketing funnel specialist and  business expert and will help you to create profitable businesses.

If you are a woman considering starting your own business or who already has a business and are  having a hard time getting things on the right track, then you will definitely benefit from Grace Lever upcoming Doing Days workshop,  coming to a city near you.

Having built, and sold several six figure digital businesses, Grace’s experience and expertise has helped clients generate over $20 million in revenue. 


Grace Lever – source: Facebook


This workshop is for Women Entrepreneur who are:

  • Ready to get stuff done in your business
  • Tired of fluffy workshops that don’t achieve anything
  • Simply overwhelm  in your business adventure
  • Disillusioned with ‘fluffy’ marketing events
  • Stuck in Entrepreneurial Groundhog Day

If you want to achieve success, learning from those who have already gotten where you want to be is one of the best business strategies you can implement.  Give yourself permission to achieve and accomplish all your goals and dreams, and know that invest in yourself is necessary  to keep on growing as an entrepreneur. 

You’re invited to join Grace Lever at a marketing workshop exclusively for female entrepreneurs in your city.   Watch her video below and visit her page for more information about how you can join the event.


Watch this Video



To Learn more about Grace click here to visit her page. 


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