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I recently was invited by Dime Media to participate in the launch of PRUSPERA NYC, A celebration of Latino Entrepreneurship. This was a unique event and learning workshop with the main goal of  inspiring Latino business owners to connect, learn through interactive tools and get inspired with leading minds and icons in business. 

The event was full of great insights from the different speakers that shared gold nuggets of knowledge to help the Hispanic entrepreneurs to succeed.   The goal of Prudential is to help the Latino business owners to secure a financial future for their business and personal lives today and tomorrow!

I was very excited to hear the insights from the speakers at the event, who have a proven record of success in their respectives business ventures like Andy Unanue, partner AUA Private Equity Partners and former COO of Goya Foods, Inc. ; Lili Gil Valletta, Co-Founder & CEO of  CIEN+ and creator of Dreamers Ventures;   Gail Smith, CEO of Impacto Latin News and Board Member of Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy;  Dorinda Walker, Vice President of Consumer Strategy and Key Initiatives, Multicultural Marketing at Prudential; Sean Kath, CFP®, Regional Vice President, Individual Insurance at PRUDENTIAL; José Calderón, President of the Hispanic Federation and Paul Quintero, CEO of Accion East, Inc. 

The number of Hispanic businesses is growing tremendously with more than 4.25 million in the U.S. today,  however Hispanic entrepreneurs often struggle to implement strong financial planning and cash management for the future, according to the stats. 

Latinos represent 17% of the population and are starting more new businesses than the general population, yet they receive less access to opportunities and get less than 1% of all venture capital.   Prudential has been involved with the Hispanic Federation and Accion  to ensure that Hispanic business owners have the foundation to thrive through financial education.

Lili Gil Valletta, Co-Founder & CEO of  CIEN+ and creator of Dreamers Ventures

They are helping by providing the strategies and resources to grow and to protect their businesses as well as personal assets, including how to maintain a work-life balance, guaranteed income in retirement, college planning and leaving a legacy for future generations, this is one of the missions of Prudential. 

With their team of Financial Professionals–savvy in the knowledge of Hispanic culture and insightful in choices they help answer any questions and guide business owners to start heading on their best financial path.    

Dorinda Walker, Vice President of Consumer Strategy and Key Initiatives, Multicultural Marketing at Prudential


Prudential strive to help the  Hispanic business owners to attain their life’s goals and dreams. They believe that when you improve your personal and business financial wellness, the far-reaching benefits extend not only to your businesses, but to your families and communities.   They want to  continue to share the solutions that address financial wellness and preparedness for today and tomorrow.

I invite you to learn more about how Prudential can help you achieve your business goals and a better financial stability for your business and personal life. 


Lili Gil Valletta, shares some great insights, check out this video. 



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