“Domestic Violence will kill 3 women in the United States today.  Our programs seek to empower survivors and to prevent these statistics.  We feel that people should never be just a statistic. A death is not a death. It is a mother torn from her children. A daughter ripped from her parents. A sister separated from her siblings.” – Lila Green, Founder of Hunks4Hope, Domestic Violence Survivor, and Advocate

Hunks4Hope is a charitable organization that focuses on economically and emotionally empowering women; specifically domestic violence survivors. Proceeds from the sales of their yearly calendar go towards programs and workshops that provide the tools and education that survivors of abuse need to move past the painful experiences of trauma and toward joy.

Lila Green, Hunks4Hope Founder. Photo by José Pagán

They work with local grassroots domestic violence organizations in a collaborative effort to spread domestic violence awareness and provide resources to those in need. Hunks4Hope is also an award-winning organization. They were the recipients of the 2016 Organization of Excellence Award presented by the Purple Partners of the YWCA Brooklyn. 

This award was bestowed in honor of Hunks 4 Hope’s strong commitment to domestic violence awareness and continued advocacy for the rights of survivors creating lasting positive change in the community. 

Hunks 4 Hope publishes a yearly calendar featuring male models. The proceeds go towards assisting survivors of Domestic Violence. Hunks4Hope is dedicated to eradicating Domestic Violence through education and by developing a unique support system which includes men, the organization is based on encouraging self-development and self-love through the community. By joining forces with local Domestic Violence prevention advocates and charities, Hunks 4 Hope wishes to cater to community needs in an attempt to combat domestic violence.   Proceeds benefit the Milagros Day Worldwide and Casa Esperanza Para Mujeres Y Ninos Domestic Violence charities in NYC.

Through fostering a sense of purpose, and by providing tools for personal growth and developing self-awareness, Hunks 4 Hope will continue its efforts to assist and care for survivors and their families. 

Help us heal and help those affected. Purchase a 2018 Calendar today www.hunks4hope.com/calendar


The men of Hunks4Hope are dedicated to supporting survivors of Domestic Violence. 

2018 Calendar Now Available

When you purchase a calendar you help survivors:

° Gain access to life-saving resources and empowerment programs. 

° Recieve necessary donations through outreach programs.

° Attend workshops for career and financial development.

° Gain counsel for emotional development. 

One calendar gives the greatest gift IMPACT. Through our work, we not only change the lives of survivors but build them up in order to positively impact their families and communities. 


Break The Silence on Domestic Violence, Meryland Cuevas DV Survivor, and Advocate

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