I received this invitation  and I would like to extend it to you.  If you are in the Tri-State area, come watch the exclusive screening of Families Like Yours at  the State Theatre New Jersey, located in New Brunswick, New Jersey.   This is a powerful documentary exploring the love, compassion, sacrifice, and success of LGBT families in America. 

Families Like Yours follows six families as they attempt to balance work and school, rush kids to sports practice, and deal with diaper duty.



As you know, I have a similar family structure and my partner and I are  raising a son together, our Joe is 12 years old, 7th grader who is a happy and smart young man.   As a homoparental family we can relate to some of the struggles and situations that will be discussed in this documentary.   Family like ours, are often a target of discrimination and our children are often subject  to bullying by kids in school and adults as well. 

I believe this kind of film work is very important to continue creating awareness about the reality of our families and show others that we exist and we are just like any other families. 

My partner and I recently welcomed to the world our first granddaughter and you can only imagine how happy we are!  This picture makes no justice to the joy in our hearts.    


Our family super excited to meet our first granddaughter Mia Grace. We can’t get over this beauty!


The documentary will demystify LGBT families and their lives, through candid interviews and humorous real life stories.   Families Like Yours showcases that they are just as loving, busy, and complicated as any other family. 

From all across the nation  and in all different stages of family life, from conception to grandchildren, these families represent a cross-section of the modern American family. The only difference is that they are LGBT families.

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This event is a free ticketed performance,  with general admission seating. Seats are first-come, first-served and can be reserved by calling Guest Services at 732-246-7469.



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