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During the holidays I go all out cooking my favorite Puertorican dishes for the family, this is one of the best moments to come together at the table and share with our loved ones the celebration with a good traditional holiday meal. 

Cooking all these dishes is hard work and honestly a mom needs a break too! This is why it’s always good to have options for a quick meal that you can enjoy without spending hours in the kitchen.

Between cooking our traditional Puertorican dishes and making my famous Coquito, I take a well-deserved break to grab a quick and easy bite that we can all enjoy. Luckily this is something not very hard to do thanks to the products available from NESTLÉ®.

We love pizza (who doesn’t?)  and while paying a visit to our local Walmart, we decided to pick up our favorite DIGIORNO® cheese stuffed crust ( are you saying in your head – it’s not delivery, it’s DIGIORNO®? – I know I do it all the time!).   They come in a  variety of crusts and toppings for every taste and you can enjoy them at any moment in a matter of few minutes – easy peasy.    This time we tried the Three Meat with the cheese stuffed crust. Yummy! 

Nothing beats a delicious pizza with lots of meat and a cheesy crispy crust!


The pizza was ready in less than 30 minutes and we wasted no time diving into it while it was still hot.  My son will eat the whole pie if I let him, but together we enjoyed this quick bite while I also had a nice and hot cup of coffee with my favorite creamer!  If you enjoy coffee, you should try the NESTLÉ® variety including their original NESTLÉ® COFFEE-MATE® powder coffee creamer.

While dealing with the holiday cooking hassle, just remember that  there’s  plenty of delicious options you can pick at Walmart from NESTLÉ® and take a well-deserved break from the kitchen to  enjoy a meal that doesn’t require you to spend hours to prepare!  After all, you and your family deserve it.

Have you tried DIGIORNO® stuffed crust pizza? Tell me which one is your favorite! 



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